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Marcara - Ancash - Peru

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Welcome to travel agency "Don Bosco 6000"

Visit the Peruvian Andes with our tourist programs, our professionalism, enthusiasm and love for our land, we will make your stay and trip in the land of the Incas unforgettable.

The guides will make you discover the best of Peru

Since the beginning of the nineties, the Italian volunteers of Operación Mato Grosso, who have been carrying out their work in favor of the localities in the area, have instilled in the young people the love towards our mountains, being able to turn us into an important source of work.

In this way we have started an original and exciting journey of young farmers, born in small and poor villages of the Cordillera Blanca, we have learned to look at our mountains with a new vision. We trained professionally in the "Don Bosco Guides School in the Andes" desired by the OMG and with the support of Italian alpine guides.

The old paths that connect the endless valleys, the great mountains that crown our villages, the Inca trail that can still be traveled by mountain bike, passing through the archaeological remains, have become the scene of our work, guiding the passionate ones in their discovery.

Some of us obtained the title of UIAGM guides, other trekking or mountain bike guides. Porters and cooks are also part of our group or staff. In our organization are present all the necessary professions for any expedition of high mountain, trekking and mountain bike. In addition to the tours shown here, we organize tailor made tours to our customer's.
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Marcara (Ancash) - Peru

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