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Marcara - Ancash - Peru

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Mountain Bike

Peru on 2 wheels

The highlands of Peru with the old and modern paths, represents an ideal theater for the mountain biking lovers (MTB).

The great routes are developed between 3000 and 4000m. is necessary 3 to 4 days a period of good acclimatization.
For this purpose it is very important some routes that are around Marcara and touching places of unique beauty such as the villages at the foot of the Crodillera Blanca, with cultivated fields also in the Cordillera Negra where time seems to have stopped and then come down through the endless "single track routes".

Gran ruta Inca (7 days)
Touring the Gran ruta Inca is a unique experience in the world due to its great historical and human content and the beauty of its landscapes, this ramification of the ancient Inca trail along the Andean mountain range.

The route proposed by us with a duration of 7 days, is developed in the Cordillera Blanca between large mountains with an average quota of 4000m. We enter valleys where life still has ancient customs, mysterious archaeological sites are still unexplored, we will pass by high-altitude abyss, surrounded by beautiful mountains, hundreds of mirrors of water that reflect these enchanted lakes.

» Itinerary by request Cordillera Blanca - Pacific Ocean (8 days)
A surprising itinerary that will allow you to travel vertiginous roads that connect the main valleys or streams that make the pedestal to the highest mountains of the Cordillera Blanca, and then descend through endless roads with impressive slopes to the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean.
Also for this tour a good degree of physical condition is necessary, before leaving it is necessary some days of acclimatization around Marcará.

» Itinerary by request Bike & Trekking (12-13 days)
If you have a lot of experience in mountain biking, this itinerary is indicated because we cross the majestic Huayhuash Mountain Range.

» Itinerary by request On the highest passes of the Cordillera Blanca (5-6 days)
Going through the vertiginous roads that connect the colorful villages of the mountain range through the Ulta creek and overcoming the highest point, Olimpica (4890m.), You reach Chacas. On the way back, you pass by Yanama and then you will go past the Portachuelo de Llanganuco pass (4767m.), After which the Llanganuco ravine descends.

» Itinerary by request

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Marcara (Ancash) - Peru

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